Carrier Ethernet

Sometimes you just need a little extra to complete your network. For carriers, Seiontec provides a wholesale Ethernet E-Access service in the Mid-Atlantic region to help you scale your network as it grows.
Wholesale Ethernet E-Access Service
When you need to reach beyond your footprint, Seiontec is there for you. Our MEF-certified E-Access service extends your network and scales as your bandwidth demands grow. E-Access expands your native footprint by providing last-mile connectivity to your end users via the Seiontec network, using bandwidth granularity and capacity that meets a range of application needs. Our premium fiber optic network serves major markets and outlying areas in the mid-Atlantic region.

Carrier Ethernet  MEF Certification
Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 MEF certification for E-Access identifies Seiontec Networks as the first U.S provider to have met the stringent requirements that the MEF demands for certification. In addition to E-Access service, Seiontec is also MEF 2.0-certified for E-Line, E-LAN, and E-Tree services. Certification means you can depend on services provided at the highest standards with consistent networks and equipment. Standardized service means easier interconnection with other major carriers using MEF certified External Network to Network interface (E-NNI). As a carrier, you should demand MEF certification because it differentiates the level of service from one carrier to the next.