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Business Internet Services



We make those important files download quicker, so you can get to work faster. We have an engineer in office on a daily basis, to ensure that no issues arise that will prevent you from having the most efficient work environment.
Built for speeds up to 100 GBPS.
Seiontec Systems Business internet is more than just fast Internet. It’s a business tool that makes your business more efficient and productive.
Let us quote your services and show you how much we can save you, by leveraging our innovative solutions!


Private Line

Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Virtual Private Network

Fiber Connection

EPL Express

Super Fast Internet Access

IP Transit



There are many daily tasks that weigh on your mind, internet should not be one of them. It is our goal to ensure your day to day processes are never interrupted due to slow or inoperable internet.
We provide fast speeds for a low monthly price, so your day can run smoothly and you can spend your time building your business.
Our Business Internet is built for business, that’s why more and more companies are leaving the impersonal and expensive mega providers and coming to Seiontec Systems – a company built to help other companies succeed.

Phone Services



Cut Calling Costs – all calls are free in the U.S. PERIOD. We also offer the lowest international calling rates around.
Lower Capital Expenditures – with our virtual PBX service. We maintain it for you which relieves you of the expenses involved with purchasing, leasing, or maintaining an on-site PBX.
Reduce Travel Costs – by using our Web and voice conferencing capabilities.
Make Changes Such as Adds and Moves Instantly – just send us a quick email or phone call.
24/7 Customer Support – we’re here when you need us most.
Reach Employees Anywhere and Anytime – it doesn’t matter where they go, their number travels with them by routing their calls to their home, office, cell phone or anywhere.
Smarter Call Routing – occurs when calls come in and employees are able to answer from any location in which they are currently working.
Increase Sales and Support Efficiency – route calls using our Hunt Group or direct them to multiple phones at the same time ensuring prompt service, anytime.


Analog and PBX Telephones

Audio and Web Conferencing

Calls Logs

Directory Services

Full Encryption for On-Net Calls

Global Trading Portal

Global VOIP


IP Phone Compatibility

Instant Conferencing

IDD Voice Hubbing

ISDN Hubbing

Mobile Roaming

Sip Connect

Transit International Toll Free

Virtual Office

Seiontec offers a variety of phone services that can help your business be more productive and provide better services to your customers. No matter what your size, we offer a business phone solution to fit your current needs and growth plans, as well as your budget goals.
Our voice solutions include business phone lines, managed digital PBX, full encryption for on-net calls, directory services and more. Whatever your needs are, Seiontec has a solution for you and your business!
We can customize your plan to fit your needs, so you are not left paying for services that do not fit your business model.
To match our excellent prices, we have an equally amazing team that is available to you should you need assistance or support throughout the day. We have a team of support techs that have years of experience, so when you contact us with questions, you will never get passed from agent to agent, which we all know can be frustrating.
Your time is valuable to us, so it is our goal to minimize your worry around an efficient phone system and provide the highest level of support available!

Managed Services



56% of IT leaders are using managed services to reduce costs
46% of firms have cut IT expenses by 25% or more as a result of managed services!



VPN (Interoffice/WAN Internet)

Wireless Office Systems

MPLS Network Integration

Data QOSing Vmware Virtual Machine

Business Firewall

Content Filtering

Proxy Speed Booth Cloud Based Virtual Servers

You do many things well, which is why your business is successful. You should focus on what you love to do, and leave the management of your IT needs to us.
In a day where time is our most valuable commodity, where you focus your energy, is very important.
It is our goal to invest our time, talent and resources into keeping your IT infrastructure up-to-date and simplified, to allow you to focus on growing your business.

hospitality systems



A recent study shows that 86% of travelers expect wifi in their hotels. 60% of those travelers check to make sure the hotel they are about to reserve has wifi. This is becoming a major deciding factor in the travel industry, as to what hotel to choose for vacation or business travel.
Maximize engagement through our WiFi for your guests.
24/7 connectivity is the number one expectation of your guest and it is an imperative factor to guest satisfaction.


Access Points

Equipment Replacement/Repair 

Preventative Maintenance

Portal Setup and Management

Proactive Monitoring

Technical Support


Routers and Switches

Wireless Bridges


Whether you are at a ball game, in a campus dorm, browsing around your favorite store, waiting in your doctors office, studying in a library, or checking into a hotel, it is refreshing when you can connect to wifi and instantly connect to the areas of your life, you most cherish.
Seiontec understands that it is a growing expectation of good hospitality to provide wifi.
It is our goal to ensure travelers choose your location, by providing you with affordable and expedient internet, so your guests can feel right at home with the speeds they are used to.
Though internet is a large part of hospitality, we understand there are other needs you have to provide the best service possible to your customers.
It can reach anywhere from TV to phones and everything in between, which is why we have a plethora of hospitality services to meet the needs of your customer and to keep them coming back!

MDU Amenity/Campus Systems

Owner Packages


Resident Packages

In today’s world, being connected means more than just having a minimal connection in your home. With the influx of connected devices, from smart phones to game consoles to Internet TV, the connected experience can be as personal and unique as one chooses it to be.
At Seiontec we understand this better than anyone. That is why we have created a solution for any apartment, town home, campground, assisted living facility, school etc. to offer wifi to those you serve on a daily basis.
Our goal is the connected home experience, where a solid Internet connection is a key foundation aspect, but where our true offering is enabling users to get the most out of their digital experience.
Seiontec Systems is committed to providing quality local products at competitive rates. We deliver cutting edge, reliable TV, Internet and Phone Service. We give our customers dedicated local support, simplified billing and savings over national companies.
With Seiontec, you are a valued client, not a number.
As market transitions evolve so do our product offerings – all to best meet customer needs. Over time, Seiontec has evolved to address customer needs in many other segments. The network has truly become the platform for providing one seamless, transparent customer experience.
As a result, Seiontec is changing the way we work, live, play and learn. We strive to be “Best in the World” – offering solutions that meet customer needs, exceed their expectations and contribute to the world in a positive way. Connecting and collaborating with others is a key element of Seiontec’s culture. Making the world a smaller place through technology and using it to enhance life experiences.